You must register if you want to fly a drone or model aircraft that's 250g to 20kg:

  • anyone who’ll fly must pass a theory test to get a flyer ID
  • the person that’s responsible for the drone or model aircraft must register to get an operator ID

If you’ll fly your own drone or model aircraft, you’ll need to register and take the test to get both IDs. Or you can just get the ID you need.

Warning It is against the law to fly without passing the test or registering.

Flyer ID

The flyer is the person who flies the drone or model aircraft.

You’ll need to pass an online theory test to get a flyer ID.

Children and adults must pass the test. A parent or guardian must register children under 13, but the child must take the test.

It’s a good idea to prepare for the test before you take it.

Operator ID

The operator is responsible for making sure that only people with a valid flyer ID use their drone or model aircraft.

They must:

  • make sure that only people with a valid flyer ID use their drone or model aircraft
  • label their drones and model aircraft with their operator ID

You must be 18 or over to register for an operator ID.

If you’re responsible for drones or model aircraft, but will not fly them you can register as an operator only. For example, if you’re responsible for your child’s drone.


Operator and flyer registration costs and validity
Registration Cost Valid for
Operator ID £9 1 year
Flyer ID £0 3 years