The Drone and Model Aircraft Code

For flying drones, model aeroplanes, model gliders, model helicopters, and other unmanned aircraft systems outdoors in the Open A1 and A3 categories
The Drone and Model Aircraft Code published and last updated dates
From: The UK Civil Aviation Authority (opens in a new tab)
Published: October 2019
Last updated: March 2024, see all updates

Less common flying (Points 35 to 37)

Carrying out less common flying activities.

These points are not included in the theory test.

35. Flying with follow-me mode active

Some drones or model aircraft have a follow-me mode that means you can set your aircraft to follow you within a fixed distance.

You do not have to keep your drone or model aircraft in direct sight when follow-me mode is active and set to follow within 50m of you. You must still follow all of the other points.

36. Height limits for model gliders up to 10kg

The maximum height for model gliders is up to 120m (400ft) above the height you’re standing at rather than above the ground level directly below it.

This is to allow for flying from hills and mountains.

The maximum height for all other drones and model aircraft is measured from the closest point of the earth’s surface to the aircraft during flight.

37. Flying over very tall structures

If the person or organisation responsible for a very tall structure over 105m asks you to carry out a task related to their structure, you’re allowed to fly higher than 120m (400ft). For example, if they ask you to take pictures for a survey.

You must never fly more than 15m above the structure.

Your drone or model aircraft must be within 50m of the structure horizontally when flying over 120m (400ft).