The Drone and Model Aircraft Code

For flying drones and model aircraft of 20kg or less outdoors in the UK
The Drone and Model Aircraft Code published and last updated dates
From: The Civil Aviation Authority (opens in a new window)
Published: October 2019
Last updated: October 2019

Background: Drones and model aircraft in the law

The following acts and regulations include some of the key points of law that this Drone and Model Aircraft Code is based on. The list is not intended to be comprehensive.

For the precise wording of the law, please see the acts and regulations. These are also available in print from The Stationery Office (opens in a new window).

Acts and regulations

The Air Navigation Order 2016, including the 2018 amendment and 2019 amendment.

The Civil Aviation Authority has published a copy of the Air Navigation Order with amendments inserted (opens in a new window).

The Data Protection Act 2018 (opens in a new window).

Warning You must ensure that the use of your drone or model aircraft remains within all existing laws, not just aviation law.

Remember, you are responsible for how and what you use your drone or model aircraft for, and you may be prosecuted if you break any law with it.